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Sterling Calls for NBA 'Caucasian Classic" in Testimony

Mar 25, 2015


Los Angeles, CA (eTrueSports) - Donald Sterling isn't through with crazy, not by a long three-pointer. 

During testimony today in a surreal court case involving his non-girl friend and his estranged/non-estranged wife, the former Clippers' owner, attempting to avoid questions about former gal pal V. Stiviano, bizarrely proposed the NBA add a second all-star game, The Caucasian Classic, to the NBA All Star Weekend.

The proposal is being met with skepticism at NBA league headquarters, sources have told eTrueSports. 

"What? You gonna play three-on-three full court?" said one executive.

Sterling, apparently desperate to restore his good name, testified that former NBA commissioner David Stern would be an ideal choice to referee the game. 

"Dave hated blowing the whistle on rich, white guys," Sterling explained, "so the game will have lots of buckets and hoops being made."

Sterling dismissed concerns that the Caucasian Classic might be boring.

"Jumping is overrated," Sterling told Judge Richard Fruin, Jr.

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